Our Magical Story

Weighted blankets

After our first son turned one we just knew we had to try for another. When our next little one came we were so thrilled and so excited to get him home. With two boys under the age of 3, I knew we’d be busy and have our hands full. We didn’t really notice there was anything different in our youngest child’s development until trusted loved ones started pointing things out.

After several intense trips to the pediatrician and specialist office, we learned our son of just three is living with a special Sensory and Developmental disorder. Our Occupational Therapist would visit often and highly recommended we try a weighted blanket for bed time and down time with activities. With my love and passion for sewing I decided to make him his very own custom blanket and Boy did he LOVE it! He took to it the first time I presented it to him at bedtime. From there out he would put it on himself and tuck his little arms directly under his Blanket.

Every Kiddo is different so each story will be too. Once we made our first blanket we couldn’t stop! Now what originally started as a Family’s Sensory story has Become an Enchanting course of events and we are happy to Enchant others with our Blankets.


Our Little guy is still receiving Therapy and Special Education, we are happy to report he is advancing and doing well!