Jungle Lion and Animals


Lion and Jungle Animals Cozy Cotton Flannel with 100% Cotton bedding and Therapeutic Polypropylene Pellets.

Sizes – Lap Pads 18W x 24L in ~ Small 34W x 42L in   Medium 38W x 52L inc ~ Large Adult 38W x 64L in
Children – Occupational Therapist recommend 10% body weight + 1-2 lbs .
Adults – Occupational Therapist recommend 5 – 10% of body weight.

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Lions, Tigers, Monkeys, and more Jungle Friends!

This bright and Fun Jungle weighted blanket is perfect for any room or theme. The print top and bottom layer (Spicy Orange) are both made from Cozy Snuggle Flannel fabric. The inside is filled with hypoallergenic polypropylene beads that are safely and securely sewn into 100 percent cotton warm and natural bedding bags. Each bag is securely sewn into the blanket and also offers added warmth and comfort. Machine wash on gentle cycle and lay flat to dry for best care.









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Size & Weight

Lap Pad 3lb (24x18in), Lap Pad 4lb (24x18in), Small- 3lbs (for 20lb child), Small- 4lbs (for 30lb child), Small- 5lbs (for 40lb child), Small- 6lbs (for 50lb child), Small- 7lbs (for 60lb child), Small- 8lbs (for 70lb child), Medium- 5lbs (for 30lb child), Medium- 6lbs (for 40lb child), Medium- 7lbs (for 50lb child), Medium- 8lbs (for 60lb child), Medium- 9lb (for 70lb child), Medium- 10lb (for 80lb child), Medium- 11lb (for 90lb child), Medium- 12lb (for 100lb child), Medium- 13lb (for 110lb child), Medium- 14lb (for 120lb child), Medium- 15lb (for 130lb child), LG Adult- 8lb (for a 50lb user), LG Adult- 9lb (for a 60lb user), LG Adult- 10lb (for a 70lb user), LG Adult- 11lb (for a 80lb user), LG Adult- 12lb (for a 90lb user), LG Adult- 13lb (for a 100lb user), LG Adult- 14lb (for a 110lb user), LG Adult- 15lb (for a 120lb user), LG Adult- 16lb (for a 130lb user), LG Adult- 17lb (for a 140lb user), LG Adult- 18lb (for a 150lb user), LG Adult- 19lb (for a 165lb+ user)